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I recently read this post by Nathaniel Givens, who has written some of the best articles about the situations surrounding John Dehlin’s disciplinary proceedings. In it he made an observation that caused me to realize a slight mistake that I had made in previous posts, so I would like to correct it here now, and then I will be correcting them in the posts themselves later.

The main mistake that I would like to correct (in my own writing that Givens’ post brought to my attention) is John Dehlin’s estimated compensation. I misread his Open Stories Foundation financials as saying that he received $56,225.95 in 2013, and included this data point in posts here and here when it plainly also says that he was given an additional $33,347.76 at that time, for a total of $89,573.71. Curiously, the money that was in savings was very similar to the amount that was allocated to Anne Peffer the previous year. She apparently was no longer there for whatever reason. I will be correcting these in the posts themselves, but wished to bring attention to the omission and record the error so that no one would be surprised by the change.

Also, though not related directly to Givens’ post, I hear that Dehlin has apparently closed his Facebook to commentors that he has not friended, and looking at it from a profile that does not have him friended this appears to be accurate. This increases the security on his page, and ensures that he has greater control, and ease of censorship over the conversations that take place there, and prevents those who disagree with him from being able to interfere with his telling of his own version/story of reality. I may add this to the article on censorship if it persists. As of 30
January, it does seem to be the case for his personal page.