It recently occurred to me that there are a lot of posts here on the DearJohnDehlin blog about a lot of different topics, and it may not be as easy to find things as would be preferred, so here is an index to make things easier, together with links and brief descriptions. I will try and keep it updated as I go, and probably also improve the descriptions when there’s time.

Thanks for reading!

Dehlin leaks his Stake President’s information in order to ensure he gets harassed leading up to his disciplinary hearing including economically

Discusses Dehlin’s use of selective quotations from larger documents in promoting the narrative that he is being excommunicated for supporting gay marriage and women’s ordination.

Analysis Dehlin’s financial activities and the claim that he has sacrificed large sums of money in order to help people when he could otherwise been more prosperous.

Discussion of some of Kate Kelly’s writing/behavior.

Rebuts the claim that he has been disciplined for “asking questions”.

Analyzes some economic factors affecting the Mormon Mental Health Association which Dehlin unfolded, and makes some statements about questionably ethical activities of his.

Respons to the idea that church leaders are attempting to deceive people about the true reasons for his discipline.

Responds to the NPR article including some polygamy points.

Discusses Open Stories Foundation Financials.

Rebuts Dehlin’s claims about gay suicide and Mormon depression.

Discusses Dehlin’s process of creating and promoting false narratives with focus on his allegation that he was part (with Kelly) of a coordinated purge and that he was being disciplined for promoting gay marriage and women’s ordination.

Rebuts the claim that Dehlin is a proponent of open free discussion. Comment section contains many examples of people who have been banned for making reasonable faithful comments or otherwise mistreated on his sites and personal Facebook page.

Post responding to his blog on mixed orientation marriage statistics arguing against his methodology.

Discusses Dehlin’s preparations to exit prior to his being summoned to a council.

Discusses Dehlin’s comments in which he attacks the Holy Ghost as a source of informative revelation.

Dehlin’s attack on the Book of Mormon and Book of Abraham, and ad hominem toward those who believe is discussed.

John Dehlin claims that his Stake President was too intimidated by his male power to discipline him.

Dehlin attack an Ensign article on Facebook while arguing against something other than the article is actually saying.

Dehlin misquotes B. H. Roberts because he used Jeremy Runnells as a source.

Dehlin asks people to= tape visiting authorities against their wishes.

Dehlin gets in a fight on an anonymous message board and does a few questionably ethical things.